DA BANG (Beijing, Modern Sky) 
Wake of Jissom (Amsterdam, Geertruida)

DA BANG blends post punk with a garagey attitude and electronic sounds. Clean riffs and keyboard harmonies combine with singer Pupi’s raspy, emotional singing, capturing a beauty and pain coming from within. Through the years, DA BANG’s music has become more sophisticated, as they experimented with their sound to include new elements, all the way keeping up with their very special type of punky attitude.

“Illusionary Waves” live in Wuhan:
Full Europe tour dates: 

Wake of Jissom

Amsterdam shoegaze sensation ‘Wake of Jissom’: 
New four-piece rockband from Amsterdam city/Haarlem town that builds it’s foundation on stoner bass lines, creamy chords and reverberating leads. 


Kexin Hao’s Mukbang Video Extravaganza
(music by George van Wetering

tickets 8 euro (at the door)