gag nite fields

GAG @ Cinetol proudly presents NITE FIELDS (Brisbane, Australia), Urban Grey (Amsterdam, Holland ) & Harry Debbie (Amsterdam, Holland)


NITE FIELDS (Brisbane, Australia) – Art Rock, Electronic, Shoegaze
Urban Grey – (Amsterdam, NL) – New Wave, Gloom, Synth
Harry Debbie – (Amsterdam, NL ) – Wave, Post Punk, Trash

Nite fields

Latest review:

This quartet brings chimey guitars behind industrial beats, post-punk vocals and driving bass-lines somehow managing not to fall apart. Their debut album ‘Depersonalisation’ is getting a worldwide release through rising
Los Angeles label Felte.

Urban Grey

This new wave duo has their roots in the Amsterdam DIY music scene. In this context they write poetic songs about nightly adventures and unlimited freedom. A bit like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and all the less fortunates.

Harry Debbie (DJ)

DJ Harry Debbie is the owner of Amsterdams finest vinyl recordstore ‘Eardrum Buzz’. Expect a dazzling set with new wave, post punk and trashy tunes!

Tolstraat 182 – Amsterdam – Start: 21:00 – Entrance: 7,-