Earth Control, Movoco, Barnaby Bennett, Reverend Esser

24 februari 2013


Earth Control (Groningen, Electro Punk)
DJ Reverend Esser (Utrecht, Dance – New Wave – Electro – Shoegaze)
Movoco (Belgium, Shoegaze – Indie)
Barnaby Bennett (Canada, Psychedelic Pop)
AWA Gallery: Nienke Doekes Photo Exhibition (Amsterdam)
DJ Team Ellen Degenerate and many others (Amsterdam)

Earth Control (Groningen, Electro Punk)
Imagine Herry Merry and Quintron in a head-on car crash with Suicide, just outside Groningen, Holland. That picture in your head still does not sound like this great band. They sing in dutch with a dark humorous twist. Lyrics about their brand new Nike’s, the constantly evolving image culture, the digital freeway and calls to each other about missed rehearsal dates.

Movoco (Belgium, Shoegaze – Indie)
Movoco is a three piece band from Nieuwpoort, Belgium. Their music combines post rock with shoegaze covered with thick layers of noise. They are up and coming in Belgium where they’ve won first prize in the “Verse Vis” contest. Their album Dark Quickly will leave you foaming at the mouth so come check them out!!

DJ Reverend Esser (Utrecht, New Wave – Electro – Shoegaze)
DJ Reverend Esser is known for her diversity and events ‘Manifest’ and ‘The Lick’ in Utrecht. Be prepared to dance to a broad range of new wave, cold wave, indie and electronic music!

Barnaby Bennett (Canada, Psychedelic Pop)
Barnaby Bennett is a musician from Calgary with a prolific track record of late. His catalog is a deep, genre-hopping body of work that is full of forays into everything from traditional folk, psychedelic pop, country rock, to experimental synthesizer music. He has played shows all over North America & Europe, and shared the stage with the likes of Sonic Boom, Prince Rama, Blitzen Trapper, Sun Araw, BRAIDS and more. He has made music alongside Damo Suzuki, Julia Holter, Amos Garrett & P.F. Sloan. Barnaby is an exciting & refreshing performer who is fully engaged with the sounds & technology of today, while consistently pointing back to the rich musical past from which he draws inspiration.

Exhibition in AWA gallery: Nienke Doekes graduated at fotoacademie Amsterdam and now photographs for Gonzo (Circus) magazine amongst other things. Her work can be described as raw, narrative and peculiar.