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The alternative Chinese New Year celebration in Amsterdam will be back in January 2023! After 5 successful editions, 2 years of absence and disaster followed, but now that light is beginning to shine at the end of the tunnel, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate CNY in Amsterdam again! Friday, January 20 at Cinetol, […]

CNY 2020 – JANUARY 25

An alternative Chinese New Year Celebrationwith live music, ktv, food and very special guests.Early bird tickets (last year tickets sold out quickly): This event is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts)


Earsnail 耳蜗 – Giek_1 – Mes & Hamerpagt TICKETS: EARSNAIL 耳蜗 are a newly formed IDM (intelligent dance music) duo, which came into life during a recent darker period in Beijing. Made up of 2 experienced rock musicians: Yan Shuai (Da Bang) and Wang Xu (The Gar, White+), who found their love for electronica, […]

The Hormones (and Reverie)

The Hormones China (Chengdu, China) – live in Amsterdam – together with Rêverie (Amsterdam, Holland)doors: 20:30start: 21:00tickets: see live: Formed around the campus of Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Chengdu in 2013. The Hormones exploded onto the scene with a brief brush of TV fame. But their participation in the popular China Song […]

Nocturnes & Electric Feathers

Nocturnes曳取 (China) & Electric Feathers (Holland) Facebook event: Tickets: Nocturnes: They released their first EP with Cao Tai, Dust Into Glory, in March 2017, receiving positive reviews and strong online play, with the EP being described as a “sensual concoction of impeccably groomed arrangements, fluid nuanced piano chords and a seamless blend of […]


– 沼泽 Zhaoze (post rock, ambient, classical music from Guangzhou, China) LIVE – tickets: Zhaoze uses the Guqin, a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family, in their live-shows and recordings. The Guqin has been played since ancient times, and has traditionally been favoured by scholars and literati as an instrument of […]

FAZI & Sen & 205skatokosmos

FAZI (China)Sen (Taiwan)205skatokosmos (Holland) Tickets online: 8,- (at the door): 10,- Spinning stories from threads of post-punk synth and driving guitars, FAZI 法兹 is a burst of joy in the solar plexus. Formed in February 2010, the Xi’an-based band turned to Beijing in search of the cultural nourishment that would lead them to record […]

CNY 2019

SOLD OUT! – An Alternative Chinese New Year 2019 Celebration with live music, art exhibition, film screening, food and very special guests – SOLD OUT! Venue: Cinetol, Amsterdam 18:30 – Chinese independent film screening (with introduction) (100% on Rotten Tomatoes) 20:45 – Event  Combination Ticket (Film + Food + Event): Ticket (event only): This event is supported by […]


Doors: 20:00Start: 20:30Tickets (at the door): 10,- Born from boredom and raised in chaos, psych-damaged Beijing trio Lonely Leary plays artful post-punk in the vein of P.K.14 and Joy Division, but leaner and meaner than all their peers. “The three-piece band has a wonderful addictive sound – one that’s full of jagged edges, paranoid unease, and brooding […]


ZHAOZE (post rock, ambient, classical music from Guangzhou, China) – Live in Amsterdam (Cinetol)Doors: 20:00Animal Hierarchy: 20:15Zhaoze: 21:00Tickets: 10 euro (at the door)沼泽 Zhaoze – This May, ZHAOZE 沼泽 is on tour in Europe. ZHAOZE play post rock Chinese style: the central voice of their music is a Guqin, a traditional Chinese instrument with more than […]

The Fur + Outlet Drift

Showcase festival LUCfest laat je kennis maken met twee Taiwanese acts: Outlet Drift en The Fur.Outlet DriftVoor een westerling heeft de muziek van Outlet Drift net zoveel bekende elementen als exotische elementen: het meest herkenbare is het krachtige trio-format, bestaande uit de broers Wusang en Putad Pihay (op gitaar, bas en zang), en Kurt Ken […]


DA BANG (Beijing, Modern Sky) Wake of Jissom (Amsterdam, Geertruida)DA BANG blends post punk with a garagey attitude and electronic sounds. Clean riffs and keyboard harmonies combine with singer Pupi’s raspy, emotional singing, capturing a beauty and pain coming from within. Through the years, DA BANG’s music has become more sophisticated, as they experimented with their sound to include […]


My super sweet CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY – Biggest edition so far:– Delicious snacks provided by CHINA SICHUAN RESTAURANT – Music prsesented by Co-Select (China / UK) – Maxime Duvall & the Monokino’s (NL) – FLOWERS (NL) – August – Band (NL)– The first annual AMSTERDAM KTV COMPETITION SESSION (get free entry if you want to join, see below).– Authentic Chinese BAIJIU LIQUOR TASTINGtickets: 8 […]

FAZI Zaterdag 6 mei is de derde editie van onze maandelijkse live avond in samenwerking met Poptrash en Cinetol. Veel belovende acts gevolgd door DJ sets waar je compleet los op kunt gaan. FAZI (CN) – presented by GAG FAZI formed in February 2010 in the ancient capital, Xi’an. Their music brims with abundant vitality, […]

Alternative Chinese New Year Party 2.0: 3ASiC (Nanjing) / Monokino / George van Wetering (Amsterdam) / Floris Bates (Haarlem) / Zea (Amsterdam)

We have wrapped up Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year and most of us are now hunkering down for the end of the Winter. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the Chinese host big family gatherings and participate in traditional folk celebrations with singing and dancing. In Amsterdam we’ll be doing something different: GAG & […]

Hiperson + Black Wednesdays

A NEW GAG @ CINETOL! – OCTOBER 8 !!HIPERSON, support by BLACK WEDNESDAYS Entrance: 7€ HIPERSON 海朋森 (Chengdu, CN):For at least a year now, buzz has been growing about a young band from Chengdu, whose dark, melodic post-punk carries on the banner of veterans like PK14 and – perhaps more importantly – features one of the […]

Chui Wan + TV Wonder

Chui Wan (Beijing) + TV Wonder (Amsterdam) – Cinetol 18 april 2016Chui WanMusic video: lush guitar, synth and violin arrangements evade common melodies and harmonic vocals, giving way to occasional passages of minimal drones and layers of maximal sound. Their music talks about drowning, in cities as big as the world, as huge as Beijing. How it is […]

My super sweet CHINESE NEW YEAR PARTY: DJ KK Zhang (Shanghai) / Spirit Valley (Sydney) / Maxime Duvall (Amsterdam) / Torii (Leiden) / Monokino (Amsterdam)

We have wrapped up Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year and most of us are now hunkering down for the end of the Winter. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the Chinese host big family gatherings and participate in traditional folk celebrations with singing and dancing. In Amsterdam we’ll be doing something different:my super sweet CHINESE […]

Night Soil

Melanie Bonajo, Bunny Michael and GAG are proud to present the 4th edition of Night Soil – A Musical Celebration of our Sexual Psychedelic Powers in Amsterdam.Acts:Da Bang (CN)Dreammachine vs Madame Patatte (BU/FR)Iza Bella (UK)Monokino (NL)Echo and Seashell Featuring Blodfet (FI//NL/SW)RIN KUN (JP/USA)ZaZaZoZo (FR/NL/USA/AF)Fetter (USA)Brussels Pony Club (BE) Gertjan Franciscus (NL) DJ: Toby (NL), DJ Lonely (SW), […]

Carsick Cars / George van Wetering

JUNE 27 – CINETOL (AMSTERDAM)GAG and Mentha Project proudly present Chinese indie / noise rock band Carsick Cars. Support: George van Wetering / Monokino♫ Carsick CarsCarsick Cars, described as A nervy, consonant euphoria, by Jon Pareles from New York Times, The band was formed in 2005 in Beijing. Their sound, influenced by the drone of The Velvet Underground, Suicide, and Sonic Youth […]

Wang Wen & Katadreuffe

♫ Wang Wen (惘闻)Founded in 1999 in Dalian, Wang Wen is considered as one of China’s biggest indie bands. The band released 8 studio albums since 2002 and one split vinyl with Swedish instrumentalists pg.lost. Often compared with the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Wang Wen makes beautiful melancholic instrumental music. Wang Wen is well known for their […]

Bodypolitics + Stillwave

  GAG presents Bodypolitics (Utrecht), Stillwave (Utrecht ) & Sonderangebotbreuk (Amsterdam) @ Cinetol, 27/03/2015March 27 – CINETOL (AMSTERDAM)Bodypolitics (Utrecht) Noise/ Psychedelic/ElectronicStillwave (Utrecht ) alternative/new wave/post-punk Sonderangebotbreuk (Amsterdam) indie/wave/electronic Body PoliticsBodypolitics are a trio from Utrecht, Holland. Their live shows are psychedelic journeys from silence to noise. They rely on pop sound structures and on electronic sounds thus […]


GAG @ Cinetol proudly presents NITE FIELDS (Brisbane, Australia), Urban Grey (Amsterdam, Holland ) & Harry Debbie (Amsterdam, Holland) February 27 – CINETOL (AMSTERDAM) NITE FIELDS (Brisbane, Australia) – Art Rock, Electronic, Shoegaze Urban Grey – (Amsterdam, NL) – New Wave, Gloom, Synth Harry Debbie – (Amsterdam, NL ) – Wave, Post Punk, Trash Nite […]


WHITE NIGHT with CHUI WAN / APNEU / TRISH TRASH SEPTEMBER 13 – CINETOL (AMSTERDAM)GAG and Mentha Project proudly present psychoney darlings CHUI WAN (Beijing, China), Apneu & Trish Trash (Amsterdam, Holland) CHUI WAN (Beijing, China) – Psych Rock APNEU – (Amsterdam, NL) – Garage Pop TRISH TRASH – (Amsterdam, NL ) – New Wave, Post Punk Chui […]


GAG is back @ new creative space & venue Cinetol / Basis Amsterdam! We’ll be bringing new bands and DJs to Amsterdam this summer!MAY 31: Canadian romantic rebel synthpopstar Mathematique, Dutch bedroompop blitz kids Yuko Yuko, electronic-minimal-wave-(synth)pop-dance-classics by our favourite the now crowd DJs Ravage! Ravage! & DJ Luigi Russolo. Yuko Yuko – Nostalgic 80’s bedroom dance pop artist […]

GAG @ SXSW: Breton / Public Service Broadcasting / Dems / The Mystery Lights / Secondary Modern / The Standards / Monokino / Ephrata

It’s SXSW. It’s the biggest week for independent music anywhere in the world. From the 11th March until the 16th March 2014, Austin, Texas is full to the brim with music. Every genre imaginable will be covered and there we’ll be, right in the mix, producing a full day of belting up and coming talent. […]

Interesting Television Programs, Kobalt, Cosmic U and DJ Luigi Russolo

GAG IS BACK and we are going Flemish with a Frisian touch! Three awesome new bands, KOBALT & INTERESTING TELEVISION PROGRAMS from Flanders and COSMIC U from Friesland. Expect noise, voice, scary post punk, moody mystical athmospheres and solid grooves! To finish it off, we have DJ LUIGI RUSSOLO bringing us synth pop grooves plus […]


  This edition combines an album release, psychedelic experimental folk, punkdance, orgiastic seventies, futurepopwave and a blitzkrieg DJ Set all in one event!GAG @ OCCII – APRIL 19 – 21:00- 03:00 – 6 euros doors: 20:30 MONOKINO: OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE ‘FAKE VIRTUE’ Monokino weaves ear-piercing synthesizers, cleverly arranged guitars and pounding drums with a highly-exceptional […]


MINERAL BEINGS (dreampop/electro) MONOKINO (future wave pop) DJ JUJU (sea punk, hipster house, bbq rock) MINERAL BEINGS “Retro-futurism for an Instagram generation that no longer has faith in the future. Warm, yet cold as ice. Provides goosebumps.” Mineral Beings create melancholic, mostly electronic, chilled out, sometimes ominous tracks. Their pop songs refer to Siouxsie and […]

Aestrid / No Ninja Am I / The No

Aestrid (Wave/Indie/Shoegaze/Krautrock) No Ninja Am I (Indie/Lo-fi/Pop) DJ HARRY DEBBIE: indie/wave/nineties Aestrid (Utrecht, Indie/Wave) Video: The songs on Aestrid’s new album – BOX – were influenced by Krautrock bands, No Wave bands like Sonic Youth as well as New Wave bands like The Sound. “Aestrid lijkt sterk geinspireerd door The Cure’s Disintegration, […]

Earth Control, Movoco, Barnaby Bennett, Reverend Esser

  GAG#3Earth Control (Groningen, Electro Punk)DJ Reverend Esser (Utrecht, Dance – New Wave – Electro – Shoegaze)Movoco (Belgium, Shoegaze – Indie)Barnaby Bennett (Canada, Psychedelic Pop) AWA Gallery: Nienke Doekes Photo Exhibition (Amsterdam) DJ Team Ellen Degenerate and many others (Amsterdam) Earth Control (Groningen, Electro Punk) Imagine Herry Merry and Quintron in a head-on car […]

Believo and Gum

  GAG#2 – October 6th – @ OT301 Amsterdam(indie house dance wave shoegaze, live: BELIEVO & GUMDJs: Harry Debbie and Dansor, Art: Monokino)starts: 22:00 ends: 03:00 – Entrance: 6 euro GUM: Are a London-based four-piece who make shoegaze in its purest form. Gum’s output is a blissful hybrid of soaring noise-pop, rattling post punk and […]

Monokino / Yes…PinkPink / The Silhouettes / Ravage! Ravage! / Jorn Liefdeshuis / Dusty Stay

  Music, Art and DrinksGAG #1 (The Silhouettes, Monokino, Jorn Liefdeshuis, Ravage Ravage, Yes…PinkPink, Dusty Stray, Jonathan Brown) MAY 25  – OT301 – 21:00 – 3:00 LIVE: Dusty Stray (Rock, Paper, Scissors and Super-8) – 21:00 The Silhouettes (Surf Indie Pop) – 21:30 Yes…PinkPink (Electronic Emotronic R+B) – 22:30 Monokino (Electronic Pop Wave) – 23:30 […]