GAG is back @ new creative space & venue Cinetol / Basis Amsterdam! We’ll be bringing new bands and DJs to Amsterdam this summer!

MAY 31: 

Canadian romantic rebel synthpopstar Mathematique, Dutch bedroompop blitz kids Yuko Yuko, electronic-minimal-wave-(synth)pop-dance-classics by our favourite the now crowd DJs Ravage! Ravage! & DJ Luigi Russolo.

Yuko Yuko – Nostalgic 80’s bedroom dance pop artist called Elias from the Netherlands. Signed to Mexican net label Bad Pop:–cultlove-ep

Mathematique – Montreal artist Pascale Mercier arranges her tunes with a disconcerting ease, releasing her new EP on French label Stellar Kinematics(Opale, Dorcelsius, Hawaii94, Liquid Skulls, BCBG). Synthetic waves added to futuristic pop and a sweet and intoxicating voice. The luckiest ones may have seen her live at SXSW, playing solo or as Jef Barbara ’s drummer.

Ravage! Ravage!
Dark Allies‘ resident DJ plays a mix of early 80s and ultra modern synthpop, electro, new- and minimal wave.

DJ Luigi Russolo
(a.k.a. avant garde techno composer Von Nohrfeldt ) is a synthpop spacesynth electro italo enthusiast!

Cinetol – Tolstraat 182 – Amsterdam – Aanvang: 21:00 – Einde: 03:00 – Entree: 5 euro