GAG and Mentha Project proudly present psychoney darlings CHUI WAN (Beijing, China), Apneu & Trish Trash (Amsterdam, Holland) CHUI WAN (Beijing, China) – Psych Rock APNEU – (Amsterdam, NL) – Garage Pop TRISH TRASH – (Amsterdam, NL ) – New Wave, Post Punk Chui Wan are the driving force behind the recent revival of experimental and psychedelic music in the Chinese underground. Chui Wan bring two apparently opposed concepts together; they play accesible, uncomplicated experimental psychedelic rock. This opens up their light but decisive sounds to a much wider audience than this genre usually would. During 2012, shortly after being discovered and signing with Chinese label Maybe Mars, Chui Wan’s popularity skyrocketed in the entire country. In no time, Chui Wan has become one of the most acclaimed avant-garde underground bands of Beijing.Through their live shows, Chui Wan speak volumes of wisdom and demonstrate a mature sensitivity combined with a childish playfulness, which offer a new, perhaps Chinese, take on psychedelic rock. For fans of: The Beach Boys, Arthur Russell, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Sun City Girls http://maybemars.org/index.php/artists/chui-wan/?lang=en “ Apneu is a group from Amsterdam with classic pop in their veins and garage grit under their fingernails. In other words, easy listening for when you don’t want to feel too easy.” – Under the Radar “Apneu’s music is essentially wedding music, stuff for grandads to dance with toddlers to, daft win some-lose some songs that carry just enough beat, and chorus, to charm.” – Incendiary Magazine For fans of: Jeffrey Lewis, Buzzcocks http://apneu.tumblr.com/ Trish Trash / GRAUZONE (DJ) Daylight’s wasted on her, this femme fatale only comes out at night. Not only does she organize shows in various venues, most recently the GRAUZONE Festival in the Melkweg, you can also regularly find her behind the turntables with her impressive collection of vinyl. Post punk, cold wave, synthpop; often dark and doomy, but always danceable. Cinetol – Ruimte voor Cultuur & Ondernemen Tolstraat 182 – Amsterdam – Start: 20:30 – Entrance: 6 euro www.facebook.com/gaggroup www.facebook.com/menthaproject