GAG IS BACK and we are going Flemish with a Frisian touch! Three awesome new bands, KOBALT & INTERESTING TELEVISION PROGRAMS from Flanders and COSMIC U from Friesland. Expect noise, voice, scary post punk, moody mystical athmospheres and solid grooves! To finish it off, we have DJ LUIGI RUSSOLO bringing us synth pop grooves plus a crossover of electronic dance music.

Cosmic U presents a mix of moody, sometimes alarming played guitars and playfull but yet gentle vocals with a touch of incantatory, mystical atmospheres. A cosmic playground, a world constructed and floating on own observations.



“Best new artrock band from Antwerp” (

KOBALT brings imagery in music and sounds, telling tales with noise and voice. Influenced by stories and colors, true people and structures; Kobalt embraces the eclectic coming and going of waves. Kobalt combines a dark and melodic sound that meanders through a landscape of indierock and jazzy pop.



“Noise-Wave from Antwerp, we can’t wait for their debut album out November 16” (

This flemish duo creates an original, experimental sound with vocals, bas, guitar, organ, beats and a variety of sounds. Raw guitar-riffs, scary post punk, experimental noise and a solid groove that never sounds out of this world:


DJ Luigi Russolo – (synth)pop grooves
Awesome (synth) pop grooves